Welcome to my website! I would like to tell you more about astrology and the astrological services I offer.

Since ancient times humans have observed that insight can be gained into our lived experience by studying and observing the heavens.

Astrologers make use of a horoscope which is a map of the heavens specific for one’s place and date of birth. The horoscope is seen as a symbolic map of one’s inner psychic structure and it gives us insight into how we are constituted on an inner psychic level. A fundamental point of departure in astrology is that outer and inner, objective and subjective, are interconnected. By becoming more conscious of how our inner world is structured, we gain insight into how outer events and circumstances are an expression of our inner world.

I believe that life is purposeful and that we attract experiences that are needed for the development of our full potential. Astrology is a wonderful tool for developing greater insight into our unique developmental challenges and life story. We all have a unique path in life and astrology helps us to understand how the challenges we face in life are part of a larger unfolding story.

We can call our life story our personal mythology. With mythology I mean those stories that give our personal and collective experiences meaning. It explains to us where we come from and what our purpose is. Astrology can help us to connect past, present and future into a coherent whole. In doing that we can re-author our story, reinterpret it and open ourselves up to growth and healing.

I invite you to come and explore the richness and meaning that is yourself.