Julius Malema: The Commander in Chief

Julius Malema

Sun conjuncts Mars

Julius Malema certainly needs no introduction, at least not for those who are familiar with the South African political landscape. He has been called, amongst other things, the biggest threat this country has ever faced (1). Whether it is him and his party being forcefully ejected from parliament, his radical views on land reform or his racially divisive language, he is never far from the headlines. For his critics, he is a dangerous demagogue. For his followers, he is a messianic-like figure who will deliver the Promised Land, a socialist paradise purged of all the evils of whiteness. What can astrology tell us about Julies Malema? In this post I take a look at his Sun-Mars conjunction.

A prominent feature in the birth chart of Julius Malema is the conjunction between the Sun and Mars. The Sun represents our sense of self: It is descriptive of our identity, our self-concept and how we creatively express ourselves. We can think of the Sun as representing our inner hero. The Sun says, or wants to say: “This is who I am. I am a unique and creative individual.”

Mars represents our ability to assert and survive. It is our inner warrior. With a Sun-Mars aspect, a person will derive a sense of uniqueness and validation from expressing and identifying with Mars-like traits. Mars wants freedom, independence, excitement and action. The Sun wants to be noticed: It wants acclaim, it wants to be seen as special. When Mars touches a planet, it energises and emboldens that planet.

When Mars is combined with the Sun, you find a person who identifies with being fearless, brave, bold and strong. They have a strong need to show how tough and assertive they are. Their survival instinct is strong and they have a can-do, fighting attitude. They lead from the front, they like to be where the action is and they don’t sit around waiting for things to happen. Mars is the planet of action and decisiveness. It wants to be first, it wants to win. People with this type of aspect, are fighters and survivors. But Mars can also be impatient and impulsive. The proverbial “shoot first and ask questions later”. Oscar Pistorius also has an aspect between the Sun and Mars.

With a Sun-Mars conjunction, there is a strong identification with the warrior-hero archetype. This aspect is also associated with having leadership qualities. JM is the Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters. His title and party name has Sun-Mars written all over it. He is the Commander (Mars/Sun), the Chief (Sun) of the Freedom (Mars) Fighters (Mars). The ‘Economic’ dimension is astrologically related to other factors. I think a lot of what we see of JM publically, is a reflection of his Sun-Mars conjunction i.e. the anger, aggression and the willingness to fight and resort to violence.

Of course, just because you have a Sun-Mars aspect does not necessarily mean that you will have anger issues. You could for example be someone who loves sports, competition and situations where you can prove your strength. Mars is the warrior, but also the adventurer, the entrepreneur and explorer. You don’t necessarily have to be a rabble-rouser. You can be strong and assertive without being a bully.

But why does JM express his Sun-Mars in such a negative manner?  The answer, I think, can be found in the square between Mars and Neptune. Neptune has to do with idealism, empathy, loss and suffering. Squares are indicative of blind spots, complexes, frustration and over-compensation. Neptune is also associated with deceptive behaviour. The Neptune theme in his life is further strengthened by the fact that his Sun and Mars are both in Neptune’s sign, which is Pisces.  This means that themes around loss, tragedy and idealism are further emphasised. Pisces-Neptune also has to do with the development of empathy and caring. Pisces is a sensitive sign oriented towards compassion for others. Okay, I know: compassion, caring? This doesn’t sound like Julius Malema. This will be the subject of my next post.

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